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Craving for it very much. Promise, I will eat it when I get back in the Philippines


what bakes the any food


kwek kwek are the ones made with Chicken Eggs and tokneneng are the ones made of Quail Eggs.

Ivan About Town

I used to think kwek kwek referred to the quail eggs but after reading up, it seems it's the other way around. Tokneneng are the quail eggs I was told.


I guarantee you guys, these are really really good. I miss these when I used to live back there.


Amazing photos. I haven't tried the kwek-kwek yet actually. But it does make me wonder who came up with the name. Hilarious.

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Great series of food shots Sydney.....these look particularly nice. Phil


Kinda like reminds me of a similar local (Southern Nigerian) food called egg-roll.
You're one brave man Sidney, all this egg story is causing my tummy to turn! Lovely images nevertheless.


looks exotic... i've been gone far too long, I don't know how these toknenengs and kwek-kwek would taste.


Tukneneng is Dennis Villegas' favorite, Hehehe...

Ashish Sidapara

Do they sell veg food out there ;-) This one though looks very exiting!


I thought "tokneneng" and "kwek-kwek" are one and the same. I discovered "kwek-kwek" only in 2002, in Makati.

When I was in Manila late last year, I bought "kwek-kwek" a number of times at a food stall in SM Southmall. I was already becoming a regular up until one night, the "kwek-kweks" I brought home from that same stall were already 'old'; they tasted real bad that my sister and I had to throw all of them away.

Anyway, funny names -- "kwek-kwek" and "tokneneng."


Mmmm...that looks really tasty!

Mike Dougan

Thats strange 'kwek kwek' where I live people refer to 'kwek kwek' as day old chick's deep fried and 'Pugo' are not much bigger. Excellent images Sidney.


Encore une belle série bien colorée. Tous ces oeufs ont l'air bien appétissants mais un peu lourd tout de même!Belles photos!


Hey! My fave street food! Kwek kwek! Love the first shot.


Another great series. I'm a sucker for anything that's deep-fried. Nice color and detail.


Hot and spicy colour.

Rock Kauser

I'm sure I couldn't deal with the food but I love the name Kwek-Kwek! Love the shot of the cook.

Photo Cache

never had those when i was there. tokneneng happens to be my friend's sister's nickname. are these any good? what would they come up next?


those quail eggs sound pretty good


I am so glad you are as prolific as ever! As for the hard boiled eggs, they look like they are ancient eggs. My hard boiled eggs do not look like that. Are these hard boiled eggs that have embryos in them? My goodness, I have never heard of these foods when I was growing up there. I now feel that my parents really protected us from these experiences. Maybe the word "protected" would sound derogatory but these foods are so strange and look so primitve. How about featuring the ibus, bibingka, puto and suman vendors? These are the foods Filipinos abroad love to eat at parties here. Oh how about that dinugu-an? Maybe these are regionalistic foods. We were only exposed to peanuts, fried plantains and other dishes which we could still identify the main ingredient or ingredients. I like the word Kwek-kwek. It's like Quack quack.


That good aspect, that rich that it must be everything, for my hacerca the hour of the noon, to eat, and I have appetite. Greetings!


I can see getting hooked on these, but for me it would be a once in a while treat (ha).


okay, i'll try these...but only if there're no chicks inside this time!!

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